Belonging and Diversity

Uniformity is learnt ideology to control. 

Belonging not to the Divine intention.

Pause for a moment!  

Wisely observe the space around you!

Creation is absent of uniformity.

Human living is devoid of uniformity.

Uniformity is a false construct

Design to dominate, dictate, and judiciously direct.

Religious institutions.

Partisan Politics.

Racial ideology.

Ethnic groups.

Encircling us with ideological walls.

Brainwashing us into false notions of purity.

Creating the enemy in the other.

Equipping the human mind with weapons,

Weapons to destroy,

To create a false uniform utopia.

Our time needs prophetic actions bawling out,

“Breakdown those walls.”

Summoning diversities to mix and mingle

Based on a common need – BELONGING.

Like leaves belonging to trees

We belong to the fraternal human tree.

Life’s mission:

Inoculating the human family

With the vaccine of diversity

Against the virus of uniformity,

Focusing on humanity’s need to belong,

Resisting humanity’s desire for uniformity.

“We need a movement of people who know we need each other, who have a sense of responsibility to others and to the world. . .The modern era . . .now needs to focus on fraternity with the same drive and tenacity to confront the challenges ahead” (Pope Francis, Let us Dream: The Path to a Better Future).

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