Most of our lifetime is spent swimming on the surface of the ocean of life, unaware of what lies beneath and the significance of it.

We swim in and out of relationships, the life of others, political and religious institutions, programmes and projects, countries and cultures, as tourists without or with minimal impact on them or they on us.

What prevents us from taking the deep dive beyond the surface?

Fear, fear of the unknown. 

Fear of the truth.






Emotional wounds.




If we make a breakthrough and plunge into the deep, we discover a whole new world.

A world of . . .

. . . unity in the diversity of the coral reefs of human living and cultures,

. . . the vast expanse and complexity of human relationships,

. . . the symbiosis of relationships – interconnectedness, interdependence,

. . . oppression and liberation, 

. . . destruction of the marine life of weak and vulnerable,

. . . silence and calmness,

. . . mystery, paradox, complexity, and nuances of living

. . . limitations and inadequacies of mortal life.

This world of mindfulness or awareness is not for human permanency. It’s a cycle of diving beyond and resurfacing. Opening minds to new possibilities, and resurfacing to contemplate its beauty and significance, and integrating learnt lessons.

Like deep sea divers, we train ourselves for deep diving into the significance of life, not accepting what we see, hear, feel, smell, and taste at face value. But asking the question, “Why? Why is this so?” “What’s its significance?”

We then equip ourselves with the gears of history, science, philosophy, religion, et al to aid us in our search, not simply for answers, but meaning.

2 thoughts on “Mindfulness

  1. As I read about asking the question “why” I thought about what Jesus said – unless you become like little children. Thanks for sharing this.



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