The Head and Heart

Throughout life, the heart and the head battle for control,

Struggling for domination,

Because we instigate this war between the two,

Because social programming poisons us with the binary virus.

The head thinks ABOUT the moment.

The heart is AWARE of the moment.

The head analyses and dissects the moment.

The heart embraces and appreciates the moment.

The heart listens to embrace.

The head listens to understand logically.

The heart speaks from a position of vulnerability.

The head speaks from a place of control.

The heart is watery fluid.

The head is the container.

There’s the muscle of the heart.

There’s the muscle of the mind.

The heart is intimately personal.

The head is objectively impersonal.

The heart welcomes indiscriminately.

The head analyses and dismisses.

The heart says, “I want to know . . . I want to understand . . . I am concerned.”

The head says, “What? When? Who? Why?”

The heart leaps into solidarity.

The head goes to war to problem-solve.

The heart expresses empathy.

The head expresses sympathy.

The heart feels and expresses honestly.

The head thinks and is cautious.

The heart pours out freely its liquid content.

The head contains hoards.

Like the union of opposites,

The heart and the head are designed for dancing together

In every human encounter.

When the muscles of the heart are underutilized,

It leads to insensitivity, injustice, and oppression. 

Institutions, programmes, and projects are preferential options over the person.

When the muscles of the head are underutilized,

Chaos, confusion, and conflict reign,

Laws, rules, and regulations are dismissed.

The muscles of the heart and head

Are so interconnected and intertwined

They begged to be intimate friends.

They beg to become ONE again.

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