Change is Changing

Humans change.

Families change.

Societies change.

Names change.

Institutions change.

Friendships change.

Leaders change.

Leadership changes.

Theories change.

Concepts change.

Time changes.

Formulae change.

Laws change.

Rules and regulations change.

Plants change.

Animals change.

Oceans change.

Rivers change.

Lakes change.

Weather patterns change.

Planets change.

Universe changes.

Stars change.

Galaxies change.

Hearts change.

Minds change.

Social behaviours change.

Physical bodies change.

Emotions change.

The only “Unchanged” that exists,

Is humanity’s reluctance, hesitancy, or refusal to accept change.

When the currents of change and the denial of change collide,

It ruffles our feathers,

Creating a crisis of turmoil, restlessness, and chaos,

Threatening to drown us in the vortex of the collision,

Causing us to cry, “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” (Mark 4:38).

The One who creates change

Rests peacefully in the vortex of change,

Believing that the weather will change.

The Challenge!

Anticipate change.

Accept change.

Embrace change.

Learn to navigate change.

Believe that the Author of change.

Knows how to relate to change. 

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