Antonio’s Holy Moment

Fifteen minutes before the start of the Eucharistic celebration at the Living Water Community Chapel, I was having a silent moment in the children’s room, separated from the main worship area by a glass window. Sitting meditatively, Antonio, an eight-year-old boy, quietly stood eye-to-eye with me. 

 “You are missing something. Guess what it is?” he remarked calmly. Confused, my mind started racing, thinking I might have forgotten one piece of my liturgical garment.  I mentioned a few items that weren’t the answer for which he was looking. “Give me a clue.” I insisted.  There was a pregnant pause. He looked up at the ceiling, searching diligently for a suitable clue. “It is something you normally do to me, and I do to you,” he responded.  Immediately I knew the answer.  In response, I traced the sign of the cross on his forehead, and then he did the same to me.

“Holy Moments are choices with powerful and positive consequences. Holy Moments are choices that are easy to live with” (Matthew Kelly, Holy Moments: A Handbook for the Rest of Your Life, p. 21).

Antonio made a choice. Antonio initiated a Holy Moment, a moment that he can live with for the rest of his life, a moment that transformed me. 

What Holy Moment can you initiate and participate in today?

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