Perspectives, Data and Intuition

In the sacristy before Mass, I briefly conversed with two altar servers, a ten-year-old male and a fifteen-year-old female. With piercing eyes looking up at me, the ten year says, “You are old.” Rebutting, the fifteen-year-old says, “No!  That’s not true. Father looks young.” This back-and-forth conversation persisted until it was time to leave for mass.

Two individuals with two different perspectives. Our perspectives are based on several variables, such as age, experience, socio-cultural and economic context, and many others. We bring our views to inform our perceptions of individuals, circumstances, conclusions, and decisions.

Sadly, these views often lack empirical data. Yet, perspectives are essential in honest conversation, listening to and receiving other opinions.  Turning a blind eye to varying perspectives, and even more so data, sets the foundation for building a house of prejudices and therefore stymied growth.

Be open to multiple perspectives, and search for raw data. Then, use them as raw materials to build the decision-making house.  A variety of building materials makes for a functional and attractive place. 


Don’t forget to flavour your decision with intuition.

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