Ageing is loss. 

Ageing is grieving.

Ageing is grieving a loss.

Ageing is like a departure from the centre stage of the play of life.

We are no longer the protagonist.

No longer the energic bright star.

No longer the heart of the story.

No longer the handsome prince, nor the cute princess.

No more accolades.

No more encore.

No more standing ovation.

No more newspaper headlines.

No more red carpet.

No more glamour.

We are subjected to backstage, hidden from view.

Forgotten by the crowd.

Relegated to the annals of history.

A younger has now risen.

Ageing is a loss.

Ageing is grieving.

Ageing is grieving a loss.

What’s the choice?

Grieve the loss and transition,

Or chase after the ego,

Arrest it,

Handcuff it,

Imprison it.

Charge it. Charge it for failing us.

If we do, we need to take it to trial.

Interrogate the ego saying, “Of what value are you to me now?”

Ego responds, “I was the source of identity. You misunderstood me.  You possessed me, refused to let me go, and became addicted to me.”

Ultimately, ego counsels, 

“Let me go free.”

“Rely not on me.”

“Embrace your reality, the reality of loss.”

“Grieve the reality of loss.”

Transition to embrace the naked YOU,

Without the glamour, glitz, and glory of stage life.

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