Beauty of Diversity

In my mind two thoughts cohabited and gave birth to one insight – the behaviour of animals and insects imitates human personalities and relationships. 

The Social Butterfly.

Gently fluttering from flower to flower – individual to individual, drawn by the social, economic, emotional benefits.

The Busy Bee.

Constantly at work. Endlessly buzzing around. Fiercely focused on the task of providing. No time to relax or smell the roses.  

The Slow Snail.

Slowly and inconspicuously creeping on the ground of reality. Always at risk of being trampled. Retreating into its protective shell when threatened.

The High-flying Falcons. 

Non interactive, aloof. Observing from the heights, the sky, or the branch of a tall tree. Only descending briefly to the ground for food.

The Noisy Parrots.

Group travelers. Their presence known only by loud sounds. Advertising their colours. Disturbing tranquility.

The Mealy Bug.

Quietly destructive. Invisible to the untrained eye. Attaches itself to plants and slowly destroys its victims by forcing the leaves to curl upon themselves. Thus, unable to attract the sunlight of life.

The Night Riders.

Withdrawing from the limelight of the day, only emerging when all is asleep. Actively roaming around in darkness. Shyness befriends the night.

In this motley human world, God dwells, walks, embraces, and loves each unconditionally, teaching us the beauty and benefits of our diversity.

What other animals teach us about our behaviour and personalities?

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