The Inner Child

Listening is a metaphor for awareness.

I listen to my feelings of anger and upset triggered by a text.

I listen to my feelings of disappointment and exclusion triggered by a friend’s decision.

In the relay of consciousness, my thoughts run the second leg with rapid, reeling, and running thoughts of vicious confrontation with violent words of attack and accusation of insensitivity.

Then, I listen intently to a friend sharing about the display of Carl Jung’s insights on “The Wounded Inner Child,” in his own life. I listen keenly and absorbedly.

With my friend’s personal sharing, I explore the incarnation of signs of the “Wounded Inner Child” exhibited in my thought-feeling response in the relay of consciousness.

The Inner Child –

“. . . past experiences and memories of innocence, playfulness, creativity, and hope for the future.”

The Wounded Inner Child – 

“. . .negative childhood experiences become wounds that are carried forward causing me to face serious challenges such as trust in my adult life.”

Indeed, my initial instinctive attacking response to the messenger of the text and my friend’s decision unveil my “Wounded Inner Child,”  who desires to protect me from further wounds. 

But the offensive response potentially creates further tension in relationships.

So, what’s the suitable healthy response?

Heal the Inner Child.

It’s hard work!

According to Jung, the healthy Inner Child is “positive childhood experiences that feed playfulness, child-like disposition, and fun in adult years.”

That’s the grace I pray for in my adult years.

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